Labyrinth is a site dedicated to Avatars & Icons that you can use on social media platforms & forums. It will be updated as often as possible in 20 picture incriminates to not overwhelm myself when having to update and others for having to scroll through it all. If you need to contact me for anything please click the "contact" link and choose one of the methods available, OR comment in the cbox if it is not urgent.

April 2017

First update of 2017 because I royally suck. Going to make this a HUGE one, and seperate everything added this update from all my past stuff. This will only be a Avatar update, unless I get my butt in gear for other things. (I don't see that happening though, sorry!) I am also potentially looking for a co-owner, if you are interested please contact me on facebook (link for it is above). Please leave any suggestions on what you'd like to see more of in the future as well, since I lost motivation on this site long ago it has been hard trying to figure out what new to add. Xoxo ~Kati